What You'll Discover In This Letter...
The 3 Secrets of Our
"Overnight" Success:
You Don't Need A Product... Yet!
And the secret “almost backwards process” we used to launch our first funnel that paid our bills and bought us groceries BEFORE we even started creating our product.
How I Built My Successful Online Business From My Kitchen Table Using Only My Laptop And An iPhone...
Even though my only "tech" ability was turning on a TV.
How I Siphoned Millions Of People From Surfing The Internet To My Sales Funnels...
...and turned them into customers, without them ever hearing of me
From: Kaelin Poulin

Dear Friend,

I want to show you today how I, (as a total newbie, female entrepreneur starting out with NO tech experience, and NO product), launched our first funnel and changed the lives of 1.3 million women in less than three years.

My intention is to have fun with you, and break down what we’ve done as a company. So that’s exactly what I’m going to share with you in just a minute

But first, let me just share with you my goal for today.

My goal for today is to get you to give Russell Brunson $11,552.

And I know that sounds funny, but let me tell you why I say it...
Every time that I’ve given Russell Brunson money,
I end up Making MORE Money!
My goal today is to get you to realize, 
“Hey, this couple they started with nothing...
They started with no tech experience, they started with no products, and they were able to build this company to what it is now.”  
So, I just want you to buy into the belief today that if we can do this, as 20  something year olds in three years, you can do this for you.  
  •  So, if you’re an agency...”
  •  Or a freelancer...”
  •  Or you don’t even have your own business or product yet.
  •  Or you’re in ecommerce...
  •  Or coaching or consulting...
  •  Or network marketing
  •  Or you’re a local or small business...
  •  Or you do lead generation
  •  Or you’re a blogger...
  •  Or you’re a non-profit
  •  Or, if you’re just getting started and you are brand new...
Let me tell you,
You are in the right place.
It doesn’t matter where you’re starting in business…
  •  Or who you are…
  • ​Or what industry you’re in…
  • ​Or what niche you’re in.
Let me just tell you,
It Can Work For You.
I want to instill that in you today.

So if any of those are you, you’re in the right place.
Why Should You Listen To Me, Though?
You’re probably thinking, 
“I get it Kaelin... You’re pretty cool, you’ve got high Energy...but you’re a 20-something year-old! Why should I listen to you?"
Well, #1, I’m going to hook you up, big time... more on that later! ;)

And #2, We have been able to have 100% homegrown success  with Clickfunnels, and I feel like giving you that exact road map today is going to be worth your time, and your energy of listening and just simply following the steps that we followed, (that we still follow from Russell.)  

So that’s why you should listen.

And maybe because in 2017, we did our first million in one sales funnel!

We did our first million with our trial offer

We did our second million with our unlimited access funnel…

Then, we had a third funnel that reached over a million dollars selling swag (t-shirts, water bottles, journals, hats, etc…)

Then, we had a fourth funnel that did over a million in LadyBoss Labs (our supplement line)...
We now have FOUR different funnels that each have crossed the million-dollar mark! 
And Earlier This Year, LadyBoss Crossed 8-Figures! 
In three years, we went from ZERO to an 8-figure online business, and we’re amazed by what we’ve been able to do and create alongside of all the tools that Russell set up for us, and everything ClickFunnels has given us.

This would have never been possible without finding this platform: ClickFunnels.

And sure, this is cool and all…

The awards

And the money

That’s all great!

But what really drives us is that because of Clickfunnels, LadyBoss has been able to Help 1.3 million women lose weight while loving themselves again.
And, the impact that LadyBoss has been able to make on this world because of
Clickfunnels... that’s what gets me so amped up and excited.

I was just this little homegrown girl, I grew up on a 200 acre farm in the middle of nowhere.

And the fact that now, years later I can sit here and say that I’ve helped 1.3 million

Where else does that become possible?

So I just want you to think for a minute before I move on…
What’s the impact that YOU want to have?
Who do YOU want to serve?
You’re here because you’re an entrepreneur, or you’re that entrepreneur personality type.
  • ​Who do you want to help?
  •  Who is it that you’re trying to serve in life?
  •  What is your passion?
  •  What is that thing that gets you so excited and makes you jump out of bed in the morning?  
Because I know that it certainly wasn’t my j-o-b that I used to have.
I want you to think on that for a minute…
Today I’m going to show you exactly how we went from zero to 8-Figures in less than three years, so YOU can do it while creating that same kind of fulfilling impact, too.
  • ​No matter what vehicle you’re in…
  • ​No matter what industry you’re in…
  • ​No matter what niche you’re in…
  • ​No matter how old you are…
  • ​No matter if you have a product or don’t have a product...
I’m going to map that out for you today.
But first I’m going to get serious with you…
I need you to grab a pen and paper…
(Seriously, go do it right now...I’ll wait.)

I want you to write down something…
  • ​What is holding your business back?
  • ​What is holding your idea back?
  • ​What is holding your passion, that thing that you’re passionate about?
  • ​What is holding you back from pursuing it?
  • ​What is holding back you from creating a lifestyle, and a life of ultimate success for yourself?
I want you to take a deep breath and write that down.
  •  Is it that you feel like you can’t get in front of the right people?
  • ​Is it that you don’t feel like you have the right tools?
  • ​Is it that you don’t know where to start?
  • ​Is it that you don’t have something to sell?
  • ​Is it that you don’t have people to sell to?
  • ​Is it that you don’t have a way to sell it?
  • ​Is it that maybe you’re just concerned about how many times you’ve failed in the past?
  • ​Is it that you’re afraid that it won’t work?
What is that thing  that’s holding you back?
Maybe it’s just one thing. Maybe it’s a few

Write them all down right now…

Get it out of your head, and onto the paper, so you can SEE it.

Honestly, I’ve thought all of these things, a million different times in this journey.

I’ve sat many times in my car and cried, worrying,

“What if it doesn’t work?”

“What if we lose everything?”
ALL of those feelings and emotions are super normal. 
There’s nothing wrong with you...

There’s nothing super unique about your circumstance.  You can do this.

Now, I want you to imagine it going away.  That now your problem is solved.

Imagine that painful feeling that you were just feeling in your stomach, imagine it finally leaving.

And now you’re lighter without it.

So I want you to crumple up that piece of paper and I want you to hold it super tight in your hand.

(No one can see you, so play along...)

Crumple it up and hold it seriously as tight as you can hold, I want you to hold it.

And now I want you to ask yourself,
“Do I want to break out of this thing that I’m holding in my hands?” 
“Do I want to STOP it from holding me back from everything I want?” 
“Do I want to finally overcome it?” 
Squeeze it tighter...

You don’t want this problem right here in your hand to steal your legacy from you.
You don’t want it to keep you from doing what you were put here on Earth to do.
Now I want you to try to let go of it.
Do you notice that when you try to let go, how bad it hurts?

How it’s actually hurting you to hold on to it?

It’s almost like your hand and your fingers are completely cramped, like you can’t open them.

It hurts...right?

It hurts to let go of it.

I want you to understand when you hold on to your problems like this, it hurts you.

You’re hindering yourself by holding on instead of letting go and finding a solution.

You let it weigh you down and hold you back from actually doing and creating and chasing after, doing the life that you were put here to do and to have.

Because here’s the truth…
If you don’t really want to break through this…
If you don’t really want to solve this problem…
...you’ll come up with a million reasons why
you’re going to hold onto it.
So now I want you to take your paper and I want you to tear it up.

Tear it all the way up, because this isn’t your problem anymore.

This isn’t your problem anymore.

Now, you are committed to finding the solution to this problem, because it’s not your problem anymore.

A million people before you have had that same problem that you’ve had, and they’ve figured it out…

...so that means you can, too.

Here’s the crazy part about all of your problems…

All the tough circumstances that are holding you back…

All the fears and challenges that you’re holding onto…

All this stuff is like a security blanket.
It gives you an excuse of why you CAN’T. 
And trust me, I was the worst of the worst when it came to this, seriously.

My mind went straight to,

“This problem is in the way, so I can’t do it and move forward.”

I wasn’t willing to overcome the fear, and break through the problem. 
But one day I woke up. And I just didn’t want to have that anymore... 
I hope for you today, that this is YOUR moment when you wake up, and think, “I don’t
want to have this problem anymore.”

And you don’t have to…

Today, you’re committing to overcome that problem.

Do you commit?
I want to show you something…

I know what broke feels like.

I know what problems look like.

This is me, back when I was squatting in my old apartment…
At the time, all I had was a blow up mattress and a skillet.
And all I could afford to eat was egg whites.
That’s literally the only thing I could afford to buy at the grocery store.

My husband and I were in a network marketing company.
And we had super success at one point…

But that success came and quickly went with that company.

We were sleeping on couches and floors, trying to make it work

...trying to make rent
...trying to make ends meet

And we were both traveling all over the place, but never actually seeing each other.
  • ​We Were Behind on Car Payments…
  • Behind on Bills...
  • Behind on Rent…
It felt like the sky was falling…
Like, you’re trying to find a way out…
... but you’re trapped in this paper bag that you can’t get out of. 
That’s how we felt.

It was like, we were doing, doing, doing, doing, doing...and yet,
Our bank account had only $9 in it. 
I vividly remember being at the grocery store one day…

All I had was almond milk and eggs.
And I was freaking out.

I was literally sweating in the checkout line.

I called up Brandon and said,
“Dude, I’m standing in the checkout line...I have almond milk and eggs. Do we have enough money? Is this card going to go through?”
I didn’t want to be embarrassed at the checkout, but I literally did not think we had enough money to be able to afford the TWO grocery items that we needed to buy!

We were completely broke.

We wanted to get married, but couldn’t even afford that.
Even before that, we got engaged without a ring, because we couldn’t afford a ring.
(And when we did finally get a ring, it was Cubic  Zirconium, because there was NO WAY we couldn’t afford a real diamond!) 

This was our life.

We were broke, and it was really, really scary.
Maybe you’re feeling that same way right now...
Or maybe you’ve felt it before, or you’ve been through this.

Maybe you’re not sleeping well at night because you’re just trying to figure out how to make it work.  

Yeah, that’s exactly where we were.
The day that changed our life...
We were walking on the treadmills at Planet Fitness, because we were so broke that we had to split a membership there.

(You know how you can bring a buddy?)

We had to switch our membership there, so Brandon could bring me to the gym every day.
That’s when we had our ‘come to Jesus moment’…
We decided we needed to do something different.

We needed something where we could make more than 5% of our efforts, because
of all the stuff we sold in network marketing and everything, shaped out to about 5%.
We needed something where WE were in control. 
...something matched the effort that we’re willing to put in.

We had three good years of entrepreneurship in network marketing.

And yet, we still found ourselves behind on payments, and not being able to afford anything.

And the company that we were in didn’t seem to have the same level of integrity

And we just didn’t want to be a part of it anymore...

So right here, on these treadmills, Brandon and I had the scariest conversation of our lives.

He said,
“If we walk away from this company, if we walk away from the only source of income that we have right now, even though it’s small…
...what do we do?”
We walked for hours, trying to figure it out.

We started to reverse engineer what we wanted life to look like…
And I said,
“I would never talk on the phone ever again.”
That was the first thing that I said.

Then I said,
“I would want to spend more time together, since we’re always at two different cities a million different times, and sleeping on couches and floors.”
So we just started to design, if we could create our own lifestyle, what would it look like...
And then we said,
“Okay, if we want that lifestyle…
what do we have to DO to get there?”
And that’s when we had the thought...we have to go ONLINE.

We knew it was the only way to leverage ourselves.

Considering us being in network marketing for 3 ½ years, I was constantly on the phone.

I would be up at 3am in the morning, closing on the phone.

Or we would be at dinner together, and someone would call with a prospect on that we needed to talk to, and one of us would be leaving the dinner table.
  • ​We knew that if we want to leverage ourselves…
  • ​If we want to leverage our time…
  • ​If we want to be able to spend time together…
  • ​And do amazing things, and have an impact on the world…
Then we have to go ONLINE because that’s where we’ll have the biggest reach.
We knew everyone was buying stuff online.

So then we said,
“Okay, we’re going to go online...but what the heck are we going to do?”
That’s when we started asking ourselves some KEY questions…
What do we LOVE to do?
What are we PASSIONATE about? 
At the time, I had just lost 65 pounds. (I was pretty passionate about that…)

I love helping people.

I love giving people tips and pointers, and documenting what I was doing along the way.

So we were like,
“Why don’t we just do that? Why don’t we just help women lose weight, just like I did?” 
That’s when the fear started to flood in...
  • ​Will it work?
  • ​Can we do this?
  • ​Will I have to be put in the spotlight?
  • ​Am I good enough?
  • ​How do I even make a product like that?
  • ​Do I know enough?
  • ​Is there enough information I can give to add value to the marketplace?
All this fear was hitting us, and we’re like,
Okay, so what if we just model what someone else is doing?”
We came up with the idea to do a membership, and I knew a guy who had one  online.  

His name was Joe Donnelly and he’s BIG in the fitness industry…

If you’ve ever seen the cover of any fitness magazine, you’ve seen Joe Donnelly,  even if you don’t know his name.  
At the time, Joe was doing a membership and I was like,
“Oh, we should look at this program and just model it.” 
Brandon set out to figure out how we could do a membership site like this.

So we called our one acquaintance that knew anything about the internet…

He was like a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend that we had met one time at a new year’s party or something.

So we called him up and he came to meet us at Starbucks.

And this is exactly where we sat….
And this is when we called him and we’re like,  
“We want to go online and have an online business. What do we DO?”
We called him up, and right here at this table, he showed us Clickfunnels... 
He was like, “You guys are trying to build a website.”

And we’re like, “Yeah, we’re trying to build a website, we’re going to build a membership site, it’s going to be so cool.”

And then he’s like, “That’s stupid...”

And we’re like, “Why is that stupid? Everyone is online, everyone’s got a website.”

And that’s when he said it…
“Websites are dead, guys.”
He said,

“People come to a website, and don’t know what they want...

And nobody’s helping them select it, so they’re just browsing instead of buying…

And you have no control over it, because no one is walking them through their purchase... 
...so they just Leave."
Then he explained,

“It’s kind of like when someone goes to a car lot...

They’re looking for a specific car.  They already know they want a Cadillac Escalade.

But when they get there, they tell a sales guy, ‘I’m just browsing.’

And the sales guy walks away, thinking “ok cool, you’re browsing…”

That sales guy could have probably closed them on that Escalade right there and right then...right?

But because they didn’t have someone guiding them through that process, they ended up browsing and leaving…

...and went on to the next car lot, and actually bought the Cadillac Escalade there because someone was walking them through the process.
  • ​Telling them why they needed it… 
  • ​What pain it was going to solve... 
  • ​Helping them through making buying decisions…
That’s the difference in why you shouldn’t have a website. 
Because websites don’t do that.”

And we’re like, “If websites don’t do that...then what does?”

I remember it like yesterday...

He was like,
“Having a website is like handing someone a brochure and being like, ‘Okay, hopefully we’ll get the sale later.” 
And we’re like, “Oh my gosh, okay so what do we use?”

We were on the edge of our seats...

And then he told us…
The only way you actually make money online is with a FUNNEL.
And I was like, “A funnel? Wait, hold on. A funnel?”

Being from Kentucky, and growing up on a farm, a funnel to me meant  something completely different.  

But apparently he wasn’t talking about that  funnel. 

He wasn’t talking about my redneck funnel. 

He was talking about a sales funnel.
But who knew funnels were a thing. I was like, “I didn’t even know this  was a thing.”  

Oil funnel…
Beer funnel…

What other kind of funnel is there?
Let me put this in perspective for you...
In network marketing (think about this in terms of your business), we used to have to approach people on the street…

We’d have to try to collect their number, and get their information…

And that didn’t really work that well. 

And then afterwards, we’d have to CALL them…

We’d contact these random people we met on the street, and hopefully get them to show up to our living room to do a presentation.

And then after that, we’d have to close people one-on-one with a form and a pen, face-to-face. 

That’s the way we had to do things.

But with the online funnel, the real funnel, you bring people in through different traffic sources, like Facebook...
And then your funnel turns those leads into prospects for you.

It turns your prospects into customers for you.

And then it ascends your customers into clients for you.
I’m like,
“Wait a Minute...”
No more phone calls at 3 o’clock in the morning to get a customer?

What is this magic funnel?
What is this thing?

So he said,
" A funnel is like having the best salesperson on planet Earth to close your sales for your product 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...
...without ever complaining, asking for a raise, or taking a break! "
I didn’t even do that in my own business, so if someone could help me be more consistent with that, that would be awesome...right?

That’s when he gave us a live demo of Clickfunnels, and showed us how stupid easy it was to use.

I watched him use it, thinking,
 “Oh my gosh, it cannot be this simple.”
So then we immediately did what entrepreneurs do…
We signed up for everything else besides Clickfunnels.
Because that’s the way it works...right?

Your friend tells you about something, and you never actually do what they say.

Let me just tell you about that experience...
We signed up for Lead Pages.
We tried to fit all these pieces together, but it was like a million different pieces.
  • Emails…
  •  Autoresponders…
  •  Sites…
  •  Carts…
And trying to link everything together was kind of like trying to solve a Rubik’s cube.

And then when something broke, you have way too many pieces to figure out how to put it back together again.

So you’re like,
“Let’s just throw this whole thing away and start over because it’s not worth figuring out.”
As if that wasn’t confusing enough...
We signed up for “ConfusionSoft”. 
We got on to see a LIVE demo with them...
“Oh it’s simple.” they say…

"You can build anything” they say…

“It’s a superior choice” they say...

“It’s unlimited functionality” they say…
What they didn’t say is,

“You won’t flipping know how to use it.”

“It’s impossible to figure out.”

“You have to be a tech wizard just to change a misspelling somewhere.”
Because here’s the thing…
I am NOT a tech wizard!
I am the opposite end from that...
I get it…

There’s a lot of super smart computer people out there that can do that, but that’s not me.

I’m just a girl over here trying to start something online that could help me pay my bills and rent, and this was way too friggin’ hard.
We finally had our “Here’s your sign” moment…
We saw Russell Brunson on a video ad on Facebook with Tony Robbins...
Everyday, we’d always listen to Tony.

We’d been to several of his LIVE events.

What Tony says is the real deal.

So then we heard Tony Robbins saying that Russell Brunson is the real deal, and that Russell built the funnel for Tony’s New York Times Bestselling book, Money Master of the Game. 

Because at the beginning we’re like,
“Oh we made the right decision not using Clickfunnels.” 
And then finally one of us admitted, 
Hey, we should probably do this 
ClickFunnels thing.” 
We looked at several different companies and Clickfunnels was the only one that had it all, and the only one with third party credibility like Tony Robbins saying,
"Hey Russell is the best dude I know at all of this stuff, he build my funnel for me. Blah, blah.” 
That’s when we realized we needed to start ClickFunnels ASAP.
But we had seen Russell’s course, and it was a couple of thousand dollars, and we’re like, 
“Oh my gosh, we don’t have that money.”
So for a week, we went back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth.

Should we do it, or should we not do it? 
Should we spend the last money we have in the bank? 
  • ​This was our grocery money…
  • ​This is our rent…
  • ​This is our car payment…
NONE of those things are going to be paid if we make this decision to do this course.

Because honestly, we did not have the money.

And when I say it was our last money, I mean it was our last money.
After a week, Brandon and I decided that we were going to do it. 
So we did it…

And Brandon was supposed to buy the couple thousand dollar option...

But he came back and said,
“Okay, I bought it, but I bought the $99 one.” 
I was like,
“No! You’re supposed to get the full course.” 
And he was like,
“Well, you know. I chickened out.” 
And I was like, 
“Give me the phone.”
So I grabbed the phone, and I signed up for the course, and hit the button… 
Now we’ve just spent several thousand, and $99.

We used our last money just to sign up for Russell’s Funnel Hacks Master Class.

We used that last money to start building a business, without a product.
Everyone likes to say we had “overnight success”, going from zero to 8 figures...  
But I’m going to show you exactly what it really was that created this overnight success
that everyone talks about…

So here’s the secrets of our overnight success...
Secret #1:
You Don’t Need A Product...Yet.
And the secret “almost backwards process” we used to launch our first funnel that paid our bills and bought us groceries BEFORE we even started creating our product.
Because if this bald guy right here could make $2500 a month selling “How To Make A Potato Gun” DVD’s…
...surely we could figure out something to pay our bills.
Are you guys getting this? 

If this guy, who looks like he’s 16, can sell $2500 a month online, that’s all I wanted to make at the time. 

$2500 a month would have been amazing, 
just to supplement our income, and help us cover our and get out from under all the debt!
So we saw this guy and we’re like,
“If he could do it, surely we could do it.” 
And we didn’t have overnight success...
We had “work smarter, not harder” success.
Because I saw this, and I’m like, 
“Russell’s already done ALL of this. He’s failed at all this stuff online, and he’s re-tried, had success, started over, he’s failed again.” 
So we just looked at it like, 
Russell’s already done 15 years of failing for us,
so let’s just do what Russell says. 
Let’s not try to reinvent the wheel or create our own path…
Let’s just do what’s proven to work.

So this is when we started the Funnel Hacks Master Class. 
We weren’t online guru’s. And we definitely were NOT techie. 

All we did was we played Russell’s videos, and we would start the video and he would talk about,
“Here’s how you do this Seinfeld sequence, this email sequence. Here’s how you do this, here’s how you build it. Here’s what you need to do.” 
And we’d STOP the video, and implement.
We would write all of the emails right then before we were allowed to play the video again. 

This wasn’t me, because I was the one like, 
“Brandon do we gotta do this?”
My husband’s like, 
“Yes! We stop the video, we execute, we play the video again.”
So that’s exactly what we did. 

So Russell would go through and be like,
“Okay, here’s how you do this part of the funnel. Here’s how you do this.” 
And we’d STOP the video, and we’d execute it and then we’d play the video again. 

Because what most of us do when we watch trainings, or we go through courses, we watch the whole thing all the way through and then we’re like, 
“Oh this is so good. Take notes, take notes...” 
And then we get through the three hours of training, or in this case Funnel Hacks Master Class goes for days of training. 

So you go through days of training and then you’re like,
“Alright, where do I start? Where should we start? I don’t know.  Let’s just pick what we want to do first.”
The secret is, 
You have to STOP the video…
Execute it immediately...
 And go to the next thing...
Russell would say, 
“Here’s how you use an ask campaign. Oh look, here’s part of my ask campaign right here.”
So we’d STOP the video…

We’d do the ask campaign on Facebook…

And then we’d start the video again.
He would say, 
“Here’s how you create your launch campaign. Do this style.” 
And then we’d STOP the video, and create the entire launch campaign... 
You can see Clue #1, and Clue #2 here of how we’re going to launch our product... 
This was back before it was LadyBoss, before we rebranded.
It took us about 3 weeks to create our product this way.

We created what is now LadyBoss, (what was then Tuelle Time Trainer.) 
We created our entire programs, everything by using this system.
But we had the course, we had Russell, so we were figuring it out, so there was a lot of trial and error.
When we launched, it was a make it or break it” moment.
We had spent ALL of our money on this course...

So we had no money.

It was Christmas, and we had no money to drive home to Kentucky to see my family, a trip that had been planned. 

We had ZERO gas money.

When I say ‘zero gas money’, I mean we didn’t even have enough gas to get to the gas station to get gas…

And, we were supposed to be leaving for Kentucky to drive home from New Mexico to Kentucky for Christmas. 

I hadn’t seen my family in a year, and we’re supposed to leave the morning we launched this product.
We launched the product at 6am in the morning…
(Never do that by the way, that’s a tip…) 

Always launch around noon or in the evening, so you have all day to fix stuff that’s going to go wrong before. 

Because we launched at 6am and then we were going to leave for a 20 hour drive. 
  • We had no Christmas presents, 
  •  We had no gas money,
  •  We couldn’t even get there…
So this launch HAD to work…
or we wouldn’t have Christmas with my family.
I’d have to call everyone and be like, 
“Hey guys, we can’t afford to be there. We couldn’t afford you Christmas presents either. Can’t afford to buy my nieces anything, or my mom.”
But because we followed what Russell said, it freaking worked! 

This is our first customer right here...

Her name is Yolanda…

$23 on her continuity membership!
In our first day of launching our funnel, 
we did $13,402.22!
252 people signed up!
  • ​We signed up 200 recurring plans...
  • ​So we were able to cash out…
  • ​Get gas…
  • ​Drive across the country…
  • ​And have an amazing Christmas with my family.
We bought Christmas presents once we were there.
All of that was made possible because our funnel was successful from Day One. 
We followed what Russell said, step-by-step-by-step, and we took no shortcuts.

This is us actually traveling, leaving our house, traveling home for Christmas, the
picture I sent my mom to say,
"Hey we’re on our way.” 
...without having to say we couldn’t afford gas.
And then it was like, what else can we do that Russell said?

Russell said to do a webinar, so we started doing our first webinar…
This is what helped catapult us to what we’ve done today.

So here are the numbers, our original investment of a couple thousand dollars...

We generated $220,000 in 2015... 
$2.3 million in 2016...
$7.2 million in 2017... 

And, as of this past month,
We generated $3 million dollars in a single month with LadyBoss, 
because of Clickfunnels. 
Is that not crazy? 

I came from sleeping on a blow-up mattress!
Secret #2:
How We Built Our Online Business From Our Kitchen Table Using Only A Laptop And An iPhone... 
(...even though my only tech experience was turning on a TV.)
This is completely true...because when I was overweight, I definitely knew how to turn on
a TV!

My husband and I, we’re like tech savvy level one.
I know how to work my iPhone, that’s about it. 

And not even that well. 

My husband knows how to play video games, that’s it.
We are NOT programmers. 

I’m not even good in Excel.

We actually shot the content for ALL of our products with an iPhone. 

We did it ourselves because we couldn’t afford to hire anybody. 

We were still broke..

All that money we just made had to go to towards paying off all the bills and collections agencies that had been calling us.

We started watching YouTube videos like,
“How do we shoot videos on our iPhone?” 
We bought a thing-a-majig off of Amazon, and stuck the iPhone in it, to give it better quality...

And we bought a light to help give me some lighting...
But that’s all that we had.

Brandon was the videographer, and he edited. 

We edited ALL of our product videos straight on an iPhone!
The stuff that’s still in our LadyBoss program today was all edited on an iPhone, because we didn’t know how to work any techie video-editing software. 

That’s legit what we did. 

That’s it.
So we built this funnel, figuring it out just from our kitchen table… without any tech experience.
I’m going to show you right now how simple Clickfunnels is to use and to operate...

(I sped up the demo just a little bit for you…)
Are you starting to see why 
 Clickfunnels is the best? 
I just wanted to show you how simple and easy it is to actually use. 

You know, I was scared of it at first, like it was going to be this big hairy monster... 

But honestly, it’s super simple. 
Let me prove it to you...
(There’s plenty of tutorials on Clickfunnels, on YouTube, that are slowed down, to... so if you want to know how to do any of that, it’s all online, and on Clickfunnels. So don’t worry about that.)

So now that you’ve seen the functionality, we use exactly what I just showed you. 
We use the same funnel-building process for our INFO PRODUCTS…
For our SUPPLEMENT funnel, we used that same process to make this one... 
We used the same process to make a different INFO PRODUCT funnel…
We used the same process to do our COACHING APPLICATION funnel...
Used this same process to make our funnel for our LIVE EVENT... 
We used the same process for our ONLINE COURSE funnel...
We did the same process for our APPAREL funnel... 
And we used the same process for our BOOK funnel…
You can use ClickFunnels to build literally ANY type of thing in ANY type of industry, ANY type of niche.
  • ClickFunnels works for anyone…
  •  With any level of experience…
  •  In any business…
  •  In any niche...
And sure, ClickFunnels is really cool, and the program is cool...
But the biggest thing for me, 
is the ClickFunnels Community...
This is a community where people want to help you!
  • ​They want to share their best stuff with you…
  • ​They want to share what’s working…
  • ​They want to share how they’re doing it…
They want to share how you can take this little lego piece from over here, and put it onto YOUR funnel, and how it will work for YOUR business.
When you think about it, when you’re an entrepreneur, it’s just hard….

People don’t understand you.

They don’t get it. 

You’re like, 
“Oh I’m going to have an online business, I’m going to have a funnel.” 
But people don’t get it.

All of our friends that we’ve made now, we relate to them. 

We relate to them, and we’ve made them through the Clickfunnels community. 

No one else knows what you’re going through…

Or how you’re thinking…
Or why you want to own your own business, and do product launches, and do all this stuff.

Other people just don’t get it.
All of our best friends that we have now, 
we’ve found through Clickfunnels. 
I’m in their weddings…

We go on cruises together... 

This community is based on helping each other, and we just understand and get each Other…

...so it gives you that safe place where you get to build a business with people that are just like you, and that want to see you succeed. 

All this Clickfunnels stuff?
It doesn’t work for just us… It works for all of our friends, too!
We got friends in affiliate marketing…
  • We have friends that are in Publishing…
  •  Beauty…
  •  Fashion…
  •  Fitness…
  •  eCommerce...
  •  Copywriting…
  •  Real estate…
  •  Agencies…
  •  Business coaching…
  •  Webinars…
  •  Local gyms…
All of our friends are in different types of industries, and it's worked for all of us.
So it can work for you, too.

The secret is,
You don’t have to have tech ability, or an office,  or employees to make this work.
All you need is your laptop and some work ethic…

And I know you have work ethic, or you wouldn’t be here...right?
Secret #3:
How I Siphoned Millions Of People From Surfing The Internet To My Sales Funnels... 
...And turned them into customers, without them ever hearing of me before!
How does that actually happen, right? 

This is the million dollar question...
How do we get eyeballs to our funnel? 
In other words, how do we get traffic?

Here’s what I do…
Step 1:
I go to BuzzSumo.com
Maybe you’ve already heard of it before.

I’m going to show you some super ninja tricks... 

I click on “trending now”...

In ‘trending now’, I can type in trending now, and then I can filter topics by weight loss (or whatever topic you want)... 
So I filter the topics by weight loss, and I can see on Facebook, all of the TOP performing posts and articles and videos that have to do with weight loss. 

That way, I can say, 
“Okay, this is what’s working…

How do I model these…

Or write these types of articles…
Or do these types of ads…
Or create these types of videos?”
If these are getting such high traffic and things now, and are trending I want to be relevant, I want to siphon that traffic by doing the same types of things, and you can run ads based on that. 
Step 2:
Then, you look at Facebook Analyzer
This is really cool... 

You can actually see in weight loss right now, what is most popular on Facebook. 

What’s getting the most shares

The most likes... 

What is most viral right now…

You can take these types of things, and make ads by just modeling these things. 
Are you getting this?
All you have to do is go to BuzzSumo…

Type in “backpacking” (if that’s your business)...

It’s going to come up with all the most relevant and most popular stuff. 

Take the ad right, and go make your own version of this ad…

And run it to get eyeballs, and siphon that traffic to your page. 
Does this make sense?
So you could go write your own article about, say, 
“10 Herbs And Spices Proven To Help You Lose Weight” 
Or send it to Fiverr, (which I’m going to tell you about in just a second), and have them do it for you.
“But Kaelin…where do you get your content? 
 How do you make your Facebook videos, so that they’ll get millions and millions of views?”
Step 3:
Then, I go to the Question Analyzer in BuzzSumo
This is also super cool...
I type in weight loss...

It also gives me all of the surrounding topics that I could talk about…

And, it gives me all the questions that people are asking about weight loss…

And everything else that’s relative to weight loss.

Look, we have…
“How can I lose weight if I have medical conditions?” 
“How to lose weight while hard studying mental work?” 
“How to lose weight while working for Facebook with all the free food they have?” 
So you can make a video answering these MOST POPULAR questions that people are asking, and you have your content. 
  • ​You now have your ads to run on Facebook…
  • ​Or YouTube…
  • ​Or Instagram... 
  • ​Or have your banner ads to run on Google...
Are You Seeing The Power Of BuzzSumo?
Look at this one... 

I address questions just like this in my videos: 
“Why am I so big and fat?”
People ask that question, they search for that all the time…
So I come on and I say, 
“Number one, you need to STOP telling yourself that you’re big and fat. 
STOP calling yourself those things.”
I’ll address that exact question, so every woman who sees that video of me addressing
that question will be like,
“Oh my gosh, she knew exactly what I was thinking!”
Millions of people are searching for these exact questions! 
You don’t have to worry about reinventing the wheel. 
Just find out what’s popular in your industry…

In your niche…

And then start answering questions for people, and adding value to them... 

Then they’re going to start following you.
This is exactly how I built my following, 
and why we have the traffic that we do. 
It’s because I know the questions that my customers are asking.
And I answer those questions for them, and because I add that value, that’s what makes it so, so powerful. 

Are you getting this? 

(Is this not genius or what?)
You just model what already works.
You see the ads from people…

You see what’s working…
  • ​You model the message and style... 
  • ​How they use emoji’s... 
  • ​The different things they’re saying with capitalization...
  • ​The way they broke the story down…
  • ​You model the design... 
  • ​The sizes…
  • ​The theme…
When you go to BuzzSumo, you see what’s VIRAL…

What’s popular…

What’s actually working... 

What people are clicking on, and sharing, and liking...
You take that, and turn it into your own version for you,  and your industry, and your product. 
Does this make sense? 
You look at the funnels.

You see what’s working.

And you MODEL IT.
**Do NOT steal people’s copy in their funnels, and all their stuff!**
But go see what’s working and say, 
“You know what? If this is working for them, it’ll probably work for me. I’m going to set it up the same way. I’m going to make it all my own.”
So here’s a quick recap of all the tools you’ll want to use... 
Third Party Tools to Use:
Banner Ads: www.20DollarBanners.com
Meme Videos: Inshot App
InfoGraphics & Static Ads: Fiverr.com
Make Your Own Graphics: Canva.com
Viral & Popular Social Media: BuzzSumo.com
So, I know you may feel like this right now...
But I want to ask you a question.

You might feel kind of overwhelmed, and thinking:
“Ok, now I’ve got all this... 
I feel like I have all this ammunition. 
I feel like I see the picture, that I can do this. 
If this redneck girl from the middle of nowhere, in the Midwest can do this, I can do this. 
I got it.” 
So, can I ask you a question?

I want to help fix this “What do I do now?” face... 

My goal was to show you what’s possible when you have the right tools, so you can do exactly what we’ve done, and have the same success for yourself and your business. 

You have to be willing to let go of what you wrote on that piece of paper earlier. 

You have to be willing to let go of that before I move on... 

Do you commit to letting go of what you wrote on that piece of paper?
If so, then guess what I have for you?
Together, Russell and I created a really special package for you…

It’s going to give you the tools you need to be successful, because I know that a funnel can be the KEY for you guys to literally change your life, change your business, to have that kind of crazy success over the next twelve months. 

I’ve seen it happen hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times.
I know for you guys that the funnel is the key, 
Because It Was For Us. 
And if it can be for us, then it can be for YOU.
So, are you ready to see what you’re going to get?
So here’s what you’re going to get when you guys invest in Funnel Hacks Master Class

...the same program that I was talking about that built our business from zero to 8 figures!
When you guys get it today, first of all, you’re going to get six months of Clickfunnels for FREE.
How would you like Clickfunnels for free for the next six months? 

That means no monthly payments for the next six months. 
  • ​You can use it…
  • ​You can build a funnel…
  • ​You can build a hundred funnels…
  • ​You can build a thousand funnels... 
...but you have to have it.
You Saw How Easy It Was To Use And Operate, And Now You’ll Get To Use ClickFunnels for FREE for six months! 
Inside your Clickfunnels account, you’ll be able to build all types of funnels. 
  • ​You can build opt in funnels...
  • ​You can build lists, to build your email lists...
  • ​You can have sales funnels...
  • ​You’ve got webinar funnels, like I showed you…
  • ​You’ve got auto webinar funnels, which are really cool...
  • ​You’ve got product launch funnels, which you saw the beginning of mine. 
  • ​You have membership funnels...
  • ​You’ll literally have funnels to generate leads... 
  • ​Funnels to sell your products...
You can build as many funnels as your mind can comprehend! 
And once you have Clickfunnels, the second exciting thing is you get to get RID of a lot of things. 
Some Of Our Clickfunnels members Have Reported saving Over a thousand dollars a month! 
So here are some things that you can get rid of the second you start with Clickfunnels:
  • ​You can get rid of landing page software…
  • ​You can get rid of your split testing software…
  • ​You can get rid of your shopping cart…
  • ​You can get rid of your email auto-responders…
  • ​You can get rid of your text message auto-responders…
  • ​You can get rid of your automated webinar software…
  • ​You can get rid of your affiliate software…
  • ​You can cancel your membership site software…
  • ​You can get rid of Photoshop…
  • ​You can delete Wordpress…
  • ​You can get rid of website hosting…
  • ​You can fire programmers…
  • ​Fire designers…
  • ​Fire webmasters...
...and a whole bunch more!
You’ll save a LOT of freaking money. 

Are you getting this? 

Because like I said, 
Clickfunnels should NEVER cost you money...
Like I said, some ClickFunnels users have reported saving over a thousand dollars a month...

And, if you earn enough by using ClickFunnels, it pays for itself

I know what you’re thinking,
“Kaelin, oh no… What if I already have Clickfunnels?”
It’s okay! 

I’m already a funnel hacker too, remember?

Or if you’re thinking,
“Kaelin, I bought this before and I didn’t use it. What do I do?” 
First off, don’t stress out... 

If you bought it before, it means you spent six months doing it, or not doing it, so your free thing is almost up. 

Normally in the past, Clickfunnels doesn’t let people do this again, but for today,
they’re going to give you that opportunity. 

So, you get started today, and they’re going to bump out your billing for another
six months. 

Isn’t that awesome? 

And get this... 

If you’re thinking, 
“Oh my gosh, I already have a Clickfunnels account...” 
Don’t stress out!

 They’re going to actually upgrade your account to the highest level. 

You’ll get the Clickfunnels Enterprise account for FREE for the next six months!
So here’s what you’re going to get so far…
You’re going to get six month enterprise account at Clickfunnels, a value of $3,564…

The second thing that you’re going to get, (this is my favorite part), we’re going to give you access to not one training course, but TWO. 
I’m going to give you Funnel Hacks, which shows you how to go deep…

How to get inside other people’s funnels…

Figure out all that stuff…

All the ninja stuff I just showed you. 

Everything that my husband and I used to build our company from zero to 8 figures, all there.

What funnels are working…

How much money they’re making…

Where you can actually find these people…
Russell literally helps you reverse engineer successful funnels so YOU can actually have success, too. 
You’ll know exactly what to build.

Doesn’t that sound awesome?

And the second course is called Funnel Builder Secrets. 

This is what you give a person if you have a team, or you have a partner, or someone who’s techie. 
If you’re like, 
“I’m not techie, I don’t know what to do...” 
You just give them Funnel Builder Secrets, and it gives them all the tech information.

I was still like, 
“No, I don’t really want to do that.”
But my husband on the other hand, he was totally into consuming and learning how to build out the funnels. 

So if you want to get into that, this is for you. 

If you don’t, give it to your little techie person. 

Some of you guys are thinking,
“But Kaelin, I don’t have a tech guy or tech gal! What do I do? Who do I give it to?”
Listen, if you don’t have a tech guy or gal,

#1 - Do it yourself. 
It’s easy!
#2 - Have one of your kids do it. 

Seriously, it’s SO simple, your kids could do it. 

So if you don’t want to do it, bring them. 

They will LOVE to be little funnel hackers. 

They’ll be in there building funnels for you.
I know a ton of ten year olds with funnels. 
It works because it’s simple.

So with the six weeks of Funnel Hacks Master Class (the first training), Russell is going to go over a bunch of different things…
The first training is for YOU, as the entrepreneur, and the sales person.
  • ​Opt in Funnels…
  • ​Sales funnels…
  • ​Webinar funnels…
  • ​Auto webinar funnels…
  • ​Product launch funnels…
  • ​Membership sites…
  • ​And a whole bunch more!
It’s all about the strategy behind what you’re doing, and why you’re doing it.
The second half is more the technical part.

So you can watch it…

You can do it, and it breaks those things apart…

(And if you don’t want to watch it, have your kids do it, like I said.) 

So it literally includes everything that you need.
I have some success stories I want to share with you…
There’s hundreds and hundreds of success stories, but I’m just going to share a couple of them with you..
The first one is Liz... 

Liz was just like you.
She had just heard about this crazy “funnel thing”, but she jumped all in.

After she heard about it, she was like, “I’m in on this!” 

She made the decision, and then she built her first funnel. 

And she says,
“With our new funnel, which is a webinar funnel, this month we got 35 new clients at $997 each. Now that we have our funnel perfected we are on track to get a hundred new clients this month alone.” 
Isn’t that awesome? 

I’m not good at math, but a hundred people at $997, that’s a LOT of money! 

After she just started, just like you, watching just like this. 

And some of you are probably thinking, 
“A hundred grand a month... 
...I don’t know if I can do that!” 
If you would have asked my friend Liz just four months ago before she launched her business, she would have said, 
“No way, that’s impossible! I’m never going to do that. That’s crazy. A hundred thousand dollars a month?”
But she DID do that! 
She did hit a $100,000 a month!
And since then, she’s hit the “Two Comma Club”, which means that she’s done a million dollars in her webinar funnel. 

Is that not crazy? 

She was just like you!
Are you getting this?
She was just like you. 

She was just like me. 

Just regular old normal people...
And this is my friend Mike Stanzyk…

Mike was seriously a newbie newb.

In fact, he was SO new that he didn’t know anything. 

He was like, 
“I don’t know what Russell’s talking about. He’s talking really fast, I don’t know what funnels are.”
I don’t even think he knew what a website was. 

But then he was like,
“I am all in. I don’t even care. I’m IN!”
So he jumped in, and he went through the trainings and he said,
“You know, I’ve never had an actual funnel before Clickfunnels. I followed Russells instructions, set up my sales funnel, bought my first ad, on my very first try sold 8 people on my front end. And two people bought my $197 upsell.”
On his first try?

That’s freaking awesome, right?

If he can do this, surely you can.

And I know a couple of you are thinking,
“Kaelin, he made $400...that’s not a big deal.” 
But it was on his first try. 

How many of you have spent more than a month…

Or six months…

Or a year…
...trying to figure out something to do to just supplement your income?
Or to just start paying down debt? 

Or to start getting you out of your job? 
What would it have been worth for you to be successful in your first try?
It’s worth a lot...right?

Are you seeing what I’m seeing here?
This is Simon, he lives in Australia…

And Simon said, 
“I followed the Funnel Hacks system, I found a funnel I liked, I modeled it, and on my very first test we doubled over on our ad spend. Put one dollar in and two dollars back out.” 
That is freaking incredible!

And it’s funny, because people are always saying, 
“Kaelin, my funnel is done, will you look at it? What’s my advertising budget now? Do I just go spend a million dollars a month on ads?”
Let’s just think about this for a second... 

This actually happened to Brandon and I. 

We had our funnel, we followed the Funnel Hacks process the way Russell showed us in Funnel Hacks Master Class. 

We found a funnel that worked…

We modeled it…

We started driving ads…

And then Brandon and I looked at each other and we’re like, 
“So how much do we spend now? How much do we just like type into these boxes and spend?”
We followed the Funnel Hacks Master Class to a T.  

So we looked at the numbers…
We were putting in a dollar of advertising on Monday,  and getting two dollars back out on Tuesday!
I’m not that smart, but oh my gosh... 

It was like an ATM! 

We were printing money!  

How much money do you put in the machine?
When you have a funnel that works, you won't always need an advertising budget!
Is this making sense guys? 

So some of you guys are thinking,
“Kaelin, this is cool. But I’m kind of in start up phase right now. I don’t really have a product yet. I don’t really know what to do.” 
Don’t worry. 

The first training, the very first thing that you are going to do, is how to get started without a product. 

We got started without a product. 

It didn’t hold us back.

It just so happened that it was the best training ever on how to actually build our product. 

So that’s what I told you guys earlier, how we stopped and started the video and did everything all the way through. 
So there’s two specific trainings...
The first ones the Opt-In Funnels - how to build lists, how to build leads. 

We’ve got a ton of friends who make over a million dollars a year who don’t even have their
own product.
  • ​You don’t have to have your own product. 
  • ​You can do this by generating leads.. 
  • ​Selling your products…
  • ​Selling other people’s products…
  • ​Selling Clickfunnels products…
  • ​Selling LadyBoss products…
We have an affiliate program, you can just sign up for that, and work with us.
You DON'T have to have a product.
We didn't have a product when we got started.
So the very first one shows you how to build those huge email lists. 

So then when you sell other people’s products, if you don’t have a product, you go through that training first. 

If you want a great product, but you have no idea how to do it, they also have a fast product creation training that will show you exactly how to create your product, which is super cool.

So you can either learn how to sell other people’s stuff…

Or you learn how to create your own product...  

Or both... 
So let me recap for you real quick...
 The first thing you’re going to get is Clickfunnels six month enterprise account for free. 

Then, you’ll also get six week Funnel Hacks Master Class, the thing that built our company from zero to 8 figures. 

And then you’re going to get the Funnel Builder Secrets.
A total value of $6,561!
So I know you’re thinking right now, 
Hmmm, okay let’s do this.” 
But I want to make sure that you have everything you need to make this happen, and have zero excuses. 

So what else do you need? 
You need more traffic.
The next thing you’re going to get is Traffic Secrets. 

We talked about all the eyeballs on our pages. 

How do we get more eyeballs on our pages? 

So this guy here is John Reese, he had a goal of doing a million dollars in a day. 
And after several months strategizing, and a ton of hard work putting together his internet campaigns, he launched his funnel...

And in just 18 hours he passed the million dollar mark!   

John is the traffic king, he knows everything about traffic. 

Well, Russell knew that this guy created an amazing traffic product…
So Russell literally bought Traffic Secrets from him, just so you could have access to it...
Because John Reese didn’t go through just one, or two, or ten traffic sources…
He literally went through 125 different ways to get traffic,  which I didn’t know that was even freaking possible! 
How do you get people from 125 different places to your funnel? 

How is that even possible?

We were only using ONE traffic source for three years... 

Can you imagine what happens when you have unlimited traffic?

So anybody that gets Funnel Hacks Masterclass today, you’ll get unlimited access to Traffic Secrets for FREE.
Now, don’t try to do all 125 at once.
  • ​Pick ONE... 
  • ​Implement it...
  • ​Drive it into your funnel like we did...
  • ​Then when it’s working, do the SECOND one.
Keep doing this until you’ve got so many leads that you’re number one.
I’m just really competitive. 
So let me recap this for you…
This is what you’re going to get:
  • A six month enterprise account with Clickfunnels,
  •  Six week Funnel Hacks Master Class,
  •  Funnel Builders Secrets, 
  •  Unlimited access to Traffic Secrets
That’s a total value of $8,558! 

But wait…
You need copy.
And you’re thinking,
Wait Kaelin, I don’t know how to write copy!
I hate writing. I’m a really bad writer. I hate it.” 
Me too! (Don’t worry…)

Remember I said I was going to hook you up?
You may not know this yet, but copy is hands-down the most expensive part!
Russell’s sales letters cost him like $20 grand! (a piece!) 

That’s crazy!
He literally spends $20 thousand dollars for someone to write some words..
That is like paying for a CAR! 

I don’t want to pay for that. 

How do I get around that?

Well, you know, Russell hacked that too.

So you know, copy is the words that go everywhere.
  • ​It’s the headlines on your pages…
  • ​It’s what you say in the videos…
  • ​In your sales letters…
  • ​For the upsells…
  • ​It’s the script for your videos…
It’s literally ALL the words on all the pages. 

But it’s also in your ads
Every single ad, you have to have copy. 

Then, you go send out emails…

What do you say in the email to someone who didn’t buy? 

Or did buy? 

What do you do now? 
All of it is copy, and let me tell you, 
it gets SUPER expensive.
I stole these pictures from Russell because I was like,
“Holy crap dude, I don’t want to do that.”
Here’s just some of Russell’s sales letters that he paid for…
Like $20,000 for this one…
Another $20,000 for this one…
That one didn’t convert he said, so he got zero dollars back from it. 
Can you imagine paying $15,000 and then it not working? 

That’s crazy...right?

Another $15K for each of these... 
And typical sales letters are anywhere from 
$15-25,000 or more... PLUS royalties!
Russell obviously got super annoyed by this. 

Because we don’t have the type of money to do this, do we? 

I don’t have that type of money. 

Do you got that type of money? 


So he set out to find a way to hack great copy.

Let me just show you, this is the Funnel Scripts software.
It is a new software program that Clickfunnels launched, and this thing is freaking cool. 

Funnel Scripts will literally write all your sales letters…
  • ​It’ll write your ads…
  • ​It’ll write your emails…
  • ​It’ll write your webinar slides…
And it will do it in under ten minutes! 
And it is honestly as good as most of the professional copywriters out there... 
..which seems hard to believe, but I’m going to show you why it’s true.

See these two guys? 
That’s Russell, and Jim Edwards…

Jim is like the copywriting KING.  

Jim literally went through over 10,000 of the most successful ads in the history of all time. 

He went all the way back, from the beginning of our founding fathers of direct response marketing, all the way up through today.

He built a software and he says, 
“Here’s the top 500 highest converting headlines of all time. And if you look at these two things, and you take them out and ask a bunch of questions, we could recreate this headline.”
And then he said, “I could create a whole bunch of them.” 

And that’s exactly what he did...

Jim did this for headlines…
  • ​For Emails…
  • ​For Sales Letters...
  • ​For Webinars…
  • ​For Ads…
For ALL the copy you need in your entire funnel! 
Let me show you how cool this is... 
When you sign up today, you’re going to get into Funnel Scripts, and on the left hand side, you’re going to see there’s all different scripts that are there
You’re just going to pick one, (say we picked Headlines)...

It’s going to ask you some questions about your business. 

Like “who’s your audience?”

“What’s your main topic?”

“What are your main keywords?”

It takes you 5 or 10 minutes, you click on the “build” button and BOOM!

It pops out between 150-500 headlines for you...
The highest converting headlines in the world…
with your product, and your service weaved into them! 
How crazy awesome is that?

All YOU have to do is copy and paste it. 

Paste it into your clickfunnels page in your funnel and BAM!... 
You have the best headlines on earth.
Then paste it in Facebook and BAM!...
You have the best ad copy ever.
But get this…

Today, you’re going to get 12 months access to Funnel Scripts for FREE when you sign up for Funnel Hacks Master Class. 
Isn’t this awesome? 

And you are going to LOVE this!
It is seriously mind blowingly easy to have all the best copy,
 and all the best sales letters, and all the best ads! 
You don’t have to worry about writing EVER again. 

This is a game changer. 

So what if you’re thinking, 
“Oh Kaelin, I already have it. This isn’t fair to me.”
I know.

So, do you mind if we over-deliver?

If you're already an active Funnel Scripts member, wherever you are in your subscription, we'll simply tack on 12 months of free service. 
That way, you get a year of Funnel Scripts for free!
So let me recap what you’re going to get... 

You’re going to get:
  • Six months of the Enterprise account with Clickfunnels, 
  •  Six-week Funnel Hacks Master Class, 
  •  Funnel Builder Secrets, 
  •  Unlimited access to Traffic Secrets, so you have unlimited eyeballs siphoned from millions of places. 
  •  12 months access to Funnel Scripts, so you can get all of your funnel copy written and DONE in under 10 minutes...
It’s a total value of $11,552!
So…do you remember that number from the beginning?
When I began this presentation I said, 
“My goal today is to get you to give Russell $11,552.” 
Do you remember that? 

I’m going to give you the ability to create that successful online business, where you make a big income, and a big impact! 

Because I know, without a shadow of a doubt, if you have this package, I know it will happen.
If you do the tactics that I told you in the beginning of stopping and starting… I know a year from now, your life will look completely different!
Now obviously, we aren’t going to charge you guys $11,552, even though it’s completely and 100% worth that. 

But let me ask you this…
If all that this did was finally give you a funnel that was profitable, where if you put a dollar of advertising in, and get TWO dollars back out…
Would It Be Worth It?
Absolutely!... There’s no question, right?
If all that this did was help you to share your message, get your product, your service out to MORE people, would it be worth the $11,552?
Would It Be Worth It?
Of course it would...
If all this did was give you the ability to cancel all the monthly tools you're currently using to glue together your funnels…
...so you can fire your webmaster…
  • Your programmer…
  • Your designer…
  • And get rid of ALL of them…
Would It Be Worth The $11,552 To Free Yourself?
Like I said, some ClickFunnels users have reported saving over $1,000 per month!  
When we were pricing this, we had two choices…
The first option, we go as cheap as possible, try to sell everyone on this page, get everybody in. 

The problem with that is, it didn’t really incentivize us to stack on this much value for YOU. 

Clickfunnels spends over $250,000 a month, just in programmers to make Clickfunnels better for you. 

Every single month, $250 grand! 

You’re going to notice every time you log in, it gets better and better and

They have 120 full-time support people to support you, so if you get stuck, or your technical person gets stuck, and you say, 
“I don’t know what to do….” 
 ...you have 120 people to back you up who will get on and help you with what you’re doing. 
They’ll literally take over your account for you.
So because of that, obviously it requires a bit higher investment for you guys. 
But we’re building a foundation for you to create an online business that can sustain for

In exchange for a little more money we can put those resources into helping you succeed. 
My question for you is this…
For you and your business...
What do you think ONE successful funnel would be worth for you?
I know mine.

One funnel for us is worth about $6 million. 

One funnel.
And it’s going to be different for all of you. 
But if you had a successful sales funnel, what’s that worth?

Is it an extra $10,000 a month?

Or an extra $100,000 a month for you?

Or even more, maybe? 

Okay, if you know what that number is…
How much would you pay to give you a funnel that's going to make an extra $10,000 a month…

Or $100,000 a month... or more? 
How Much Would You Pay To Get That One Perfect Funnel?
Once you go through the Funnel Hacks Master Class,

It's hard to mess this up. 

So let me show you what you’re going to get... 

You’re going to get:
  • Six months of Clickfunnels enterprise account, $3,564 value. 
  •  Six weeks of Funnel Hacks Master Class, $1,997 value.
  •  Funnel Builder Secrets, $997 value. 
  •  Unlimited access to Traffic Secrets, $1,997 value. 
  •  12 months of Funnel Scripts, a $2,997 value. 
And that’s worth $11,552!
Now you can see why this is a really good deal at $11,552..right?

And normally it’s $5,997 outside of this webclass, but I told you I’d hook you up. 
  • ​I want you to have the same success that we’ve had. 
  • ​I want you to get out of the hole like we did. 
  • ​I want you to be able to create your impact like we did. 
  • ​I want you to be able to spread your message like we did.
  • ​I want you to never have to worry about money or groceries or debt, like we did.
So I worked out a deal with Clickfunnels for you. 

You can get started today with all of this for $1,997
Are you getting this? 
Today for only $1,997
You saw what our initial investment turned into over the last three years. 

So you can get started right now at
Go there, clickfunnels.com/ladyboss, get started today. 
This is a no-brainer.
Look at this... 
  • ​You’re going to have six months of enterprise account at Clickfunnels. 
  • ​You’re going to get six weeks of Funnel Hacks Master Class that’ll help you build your entire business and blow it up like it did us. 
  • ​You’re going to get Funnel Builder Secrets…
  • ​You’re going to get unlimited access to Traffic Secrets, 
  • ​And, you’re going to get 12 month of Funnel Scripts. 
A total value of $11,552…
And they’re going to give it to you for $1,997.
And, for those of you who get started before this offer expires...

You’ll get what I call my amazing LADYBOSS extra bonus!
My Special 'LadyBoss' Bonus:
ClickFunnels “UNLIMITED” Account
The first thing you’ll get, when you get started right now, is an unlimited account. 

ClickFunnels is normally limited by default...normally, you'd be capped at 70 funnels that you can create, and 100,000 monthly visitors. 

Also, normally your first 5,000 leads are free with a ClickFunnels plan.  (Meaning, you can collect up to 5,000 leads inside your funnels and you won't be charged.)  

After that, it's just a penny per contact.  

But, as part of this special bonus, we're going to double it.  

That means, you get your first 10,000 leads FREE!!  

You're also going to get UNLIMITED FUNNELS! 

That means you could build a thousand funnels in your account, and they aren’t going to charge you any more. 

And you’re going to get UNLIMITED TRAFFIC into your funnels!  

You can get as much traffic, it's not going to cost you any more. 

You’re going to get priority support that will always have your back.  (Priority means that when you send in a help ticket, your ticket is 'flagged', and will be looked at sooner).  

That means if it's three in the morning and you're stuck, you simply message them, and a lot of times they'll log into your account and just do it for you, or they'll make you a video showing you how to do it. 

An incredible value! 
So here’s a recap of your mega bonuses…
  • ​They’re going to give you unlimited funnels,
  • ​They’re going to give you unlimited traffic
  • ​You’re going to get DOUBLE leads - first 10,000 leads are FREE, 
  • ​And you’re going to get priority support!
Right now, you have two choices...
Option #1: You don’t do anything.
 You can be like,
“That was awesome Kaelin, that was exciting. Cool story, girl. I know we need a funnel, but I’m just going to sit here and watch. I just came to watch.” 
You can do that if you want to.

The problem with that is, 
If you do that, nothing is going to change for you.
A year from now, when all of the people who TOOK ACTION today are telling their story from when they went ALL IN during the LadyBoss presentation…

...and now their business is doing $10,000 a month…

Or $2,000 a month…

Or $100,000 a month... 

And they’re able to supplement their income…

And they’re being able to change the lifestyle that their family lives...

...because they made the choice to get started. 

You’ll regret that you did nothing...  

That’s what it looks like if you don’t.
Option #2: Just Give It A Shot!
Just pony up that little investment, compared to all the value you get in return and you give it a shot and see if it’s going to work for you. 

Because honestly, they have a philosophy at Clickfunnels and it says,
“Hey, if we can’t make you money, they don’t deserve yours.” 
Here’s How Their 30 Day Guarantee Works
If you sign up today and you don’t like it for any reason... 
(I don’t care, even if it’s 29 days 23 hours and 59 minutes from today)

...just email Clickfunnels and let them know, and they’ll give you your money back.

Because here’s the thing…
You can think about this investment, you can think about this $1,997 and say, 
“You know what, that’s a lot of money.”
But you know what? 
It was ALL the money we had in our bank account!

Imagine what would have happened that day if we hadn’t stepped out in faith and said,
If he can go before me, and if he can do this, I can do this, too... If I put in the work, I have all the tools that I need.” 
If a little redneck girl from Podunk Midwest can do this, You could do this!
So go to clickfunnels.com/ladyboss right now, and get yours...

The Special LADYBOSS Bonus Is Only For Those Who Act Now!
Here’s the thing...
If you want to go make more money, what’s the other thing that you could do?
You could go back to school, and get more degrees...right?
I went that route...

I went to college to supposedly make money…

All I did was spend hundreds and thousands of dollars that I didn’t have. 

This is what it cost me to go to school right here, $194,000!

That’s for four years for me.

That’s for room and board, my books and tuition. 


What did it cost you to go to school?
It wasn’t $1,997.
And the Funnel Hacks Master Class, (and everything that you’re getting in this package) is worth WAY more than my college degree. 

That’s like toilet paper now.

So you don’t have to go back to school…

You don’t have to get more degrees to make more money. 
Here’s my friends Alex and Layla…

When they first got started, they were in the same boat

They were at an event where Russell spoke, and they got started…

Now their business is doing 8-figures, and I think they’re on a $36 million run rate this year, or something crazy like that. 

You can do what they did. 

You know what they did? 
They got started, and launched their first funnel...
Within ONE month, they passed the Two Comma Club... 
and within 8 months they made $10 Million.
The same thing can happen for you if you’re willing, but it won’t happen if you
don’t get started. 

That initial $1,997 investment that scared literally the daylights out of us, has changed our life in more ways than imaginable…
It’s not only changed OUR life... 

It’s changed the lives of 1.3 million women who now are losing the weight they want to lose, and they’re loving themselves again... 

It has had a huge impact on this world, all because we were willing to front that $1997 investment.
So you have to ask yourself…
What do you want Clickfunnels to change for YOU?
Clickfunnels changes entire families...
Stacy says, 
“Clickfunnels and our ability to generate revenue doing what we are called to do, we were able to take our family from broke, $1300 in cash left in the world, and face foreclosure to financially free. 

House, cars, PAID... and more cash in the bank for our family I could ever imagine in this lifetime. All in a few years.” 
Seriously, it changed their whole family! Think about the change and impact it made on their kids... 

This is them at Disney World...
Clickfunnels changes finances...
Dr Ed says, 
“I was so broke I was selling my stuff online. By selling my stuff, I mean our personal belongings to pay my Hydra bill.

Clickfunnels changes lives. If you do what Russell says, sick, broke, verge of losing it all, I’m certain this is a common story and this is what I picked up today.” 
And that’s his brand new car…
Clickfunnels changes your impact...
Jaime says, 
“We’ve taken a company from a beginner level impact to six months into launching our funnel...

...helping over 40,000 women heal their skin, and feel beautiful again.” 
They’re having such a huge impact, all made possible by using Clickfunnels.
Clickfunnels changes lifestyles... 
This is Mike...he says,
“Here’s a cool victory I’ve shared, of course a lot of us went to Disney. 

When we got back we were so hooked, we ended up going back to Disneyland two more times in April, and we’ve turned into those people who are Disney freaks. But we’ve created so many awesome family memories.

It’s a small but significant way that Clickfunnels has helped me.”
This is Alex... he says, 
“Clickfunnels took me from $462 in my checking account, and living with my mom to making 10k-20k a month. 

I could quit my job to having a business that’s now done over $9 million in 2 years, and allowed others to transition from full time jobs, to full time online income and created 8 seven-figure members, and 41 6-figure members to date. 

I also got to buy a beautiful home in my dream city, in Laguna and marry my fiancé and deliver all my promises to her from the day we met.” 
Clickfunnels changes your business...
Alison says, 
“I tried so many other platforms, trying to sell my product, and sold a handful in a year. I almost gave up because I was so frustrated. I switched to Clickfunnels, jumped all in and hit just under $2 million in the same time period. 

The best part is, that I’m getting more results for my customers because I have time to focus on them. I’ve been able to automate a lot of the process and don’t have to deal with all the tech integrations.” 
So Clickfunnels will literally change your business around.

That’s Allison with her two daughters that also have their own funnels! 
Her teenage girls started their own business using ClickFunnels, and sell hundreds of thousands of dollars of ecommerce products online!
Clickfunnels will change your life... 
Akbar says, 
“Funnels got me out of homelessness, allowed me to get married, have kids, take care of my parents, allowed me to positively influence thousands of people from around the world, allowed me to sponsor orphans, and give the gift of vision to blind kids.

The list goes on and on, Funnels is the shit.”
Here’s Everything You’ll Get…
  • You're going to get the 6 month account with ClickFunnels…
  •  The six week Funnel Hacks Masterclass…
  •  The Funnel Builder Secrets course…
  •  Unlimited access to Traffic Secrets…
  •  12 months’ access to Funnel Scripts… A total Value Of $11,552!
  • And, you get the LadyBoss bonus (ClickFunnels Unlimited account)…
You get it for just $1,997.
Click the button below to get instant access RIGHT NOW to Funnel Builder Secrets (and get the incredible LadyBoss Bonus (ClickFunnels Unlimited) that comes with it!) 
From here, you're just a few clicks away from instant access to everything you need to begin growing your business... starting RIGHT NOW!

Click on the button above to get Funnel Builder Secrets (and everything that comes with it), and we can finally get started!

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and watch the training video. I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Kaelin Poulin
P.S. 12 months from now, you can be sitting exactly where you are now...or on a crazy wild ride driving your business "full speed ahead", and growing your company, your income, and your impact on the world. Your choice.

P.S.S. This isn't about ME. Whether or not you decide to get Funnel Builder Secrets won't change my life one iota. But it will change YOUR life. This decision is about YOU. And your business. And the incredible new life that you'll have created for you and your family one year from now... It all starts today...
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