How A “Newbie” Entrepreneur With ZERO Tech Experience, And NO Product 
Launched Her First Funnel...
(...And Changed The Lives Of 1.3 Million Women In Less Than 3 Years!) 
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1. How a “newbie” female entrepreneur with ZERO tech experience and NO product launched her first funnel...and changed the lives of 1.3 Million women (in less than 3 years) (03:40)
2. What is that THING that’s holding you back from building your business? (Writing Exercise) (12:49)
3. The day we became SO broke, I didn’t think we could pay for egg whites and almond milk... (19:17)
4. Why websites are DEAD…(and the ONLY way you can actually make money online) (26:02)
5. The exact process we followed that led to our “Overnight” Success (35:49)
6. You don’t need a product…yet. And the secret “almost backwards process” we used to launch our first funnel that paid our bills and bought us groceries BEFORE we even started creating our product. (36:04)
7. How to build your successful online business from your kitchen table using only a laptop and iPhone (43:32)
8. ClickFunnels Work For ANYONE, with any level of experience, and in any niche (54:29)
9. How to siphon MILLIONS of people from surfing the internet to your sales funnels (57:12)
10. How To Get ClickFunnels FOR FREE! (1:07:51)
11. How To Get Traffic Secrets FOR FREE! (1:21:12)
12. How To Get Funnel Scripts FOR FREE!  (1:28:01)
13. What to do NEXT…(there’s TWO options..) (1:32:00)
14. “If a little redneck girl from Podunk Midwest can do this, YOU CAN DO THIS! #dowhatrussellsays” - Kaelin Poulin
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